“...these shoes were made for walking (fast) ”

I am pretty sure I was built for the city. Tall stature to look over the crowds, long legs to move swiftly with the city currents, and large feet in case anyone gets in my way. Friends and colleagues would call me creative, motivated, and reliable. All I can say is that I am eager to put my experiences thus far to the test and greet new ideas and methods with an open mind.

Back in the day when I was a pen and ink illustrator for most of my high school career,
I realized graphic design best suited my need to communicate meaningful and useful solutions to design issues. Branding systems became an important way for me to quantify my creativity while paying close attention to cross-media applications. Information architecture met an even higher goal I had, to make something easier for users to understand. All of these experiences remain a large part of my evolving design esthetic.

At first I thought I would leave online media to someone else and focus only on print productions. Then a few years ago I initiated myself into web design knowing it would only add to my present résumé. Now I could show work to friends and family much more easily. That was what really attracted me to interactive media in the first place: an engaged audience that could interact with a product in creative ways.

I quickly became a sponge to all things web and knew that I could not just stop with HTML and CSS. I needed to know more. And technically speaking, the aspect of coding I love the most is that it either works or it doesn’t. So, I recently began learning PHP and JavaScript along with the popular content management system, WordPress. No matter what I end up doing in the web industry, pursuing these methods and others will always be something I thoroughly enjoy.